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Today’s smart homes can have well over 100+ combined wired and wireless devices running simultaneously on your network at any given time.  Installing an enterprise grade network in your home will give you the stability and coverage you’ll need for the most demanding smart home products.

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Araknis family of networking equipment stands up to the demands of even the most complex smart home system. Using a combination of a modem, a router, switch(es) and wireless access points, we build you a system that is dependable, secure and fast while remaining scalable to meet your future needs.


Common routers from ISP’s typically have WiFi built into them and often contain two to four ethernet outputs.  We build a system that separates all of these components to give you better coverage and stronger signal anywhere in your home or business.

arankis VPN router

Network Router

A modem converts the signal coming into your house into the internet.  A router handles IP addressing and monitoring of all connected devices.

araknis switch

PoE Switch

Most access points, cameras and pro grade automation devices use PoE, so it’s a great idea to have plenty available.  It’s always good to clean up your structured wire panel when installing new network equipment.

araknis wireless access point

Wireless Access Point (WAP)

These devices broadcast your WiFi signal throughout your property.  Some premium access points can broadcast to several thousand square feet.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Home Network?

Before we can get you an accurate estimate we may need to ask you for a few photos of your structured wiring panel and confirm there is attic space or access to where we need to run additional wiring.

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