Cable concealment for the “Picture Frame” look

If you’re looking for a clean, modern TV installation, you are going to want to consider a complete cable concealment package by Modern TV & Audio.  We are a nationwide A/V installation, TV mounting and smart home integration franchise with locations in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, California, Florida and Washington. Be sure to ask about wire and cable concealment.

Our cable or wire concealment options include in-wall audio and video cables, adding a power outlet behind your TV, adding a recessed outlet behind your TV, moving coax or ethernet jacks, and installing a recessed VESA av box behind your TV.

Keeping your AV components in a nearby closet?  No problem!  We can typically run HDMI, ethernet, coax and audio cables through your walls and ceilings with little to no damage to your home.  We would be happy to discuss your audio video needs.

Hide those ugly wires with a complete cable concealment package by Modern TV & Audio. Call for pricing.

Professional TV mount installation services in the Phoenix Metro area.

Cable concealment and hiding wires, call Modern TV & Audio

Cable Concealment + Power

Give your TV mount a picture-perfect finish by adding a power outlet & in-wall cable concealment to your TV installation. Usually we can hide small cable and streaming boxes right behind your TV for a clean, modern look.
Power Outlet
Most common way to conceal your cables. Power everything in one place with an outlet behind your TV.
In-Wall Pass Through
High quality decora brush plates to hide away HDMI & Audio cables in your wall.
Cables & Wires
We stock an assortment of wires and cables to acommodate your installation needs. HDMI, Optical Audio, Coax, Ethernet & Speaker Wire
TV Mounting Phoenix AZ

HIDE YOUR WIRESFor A Clean & Modern Look

Take your wall mounted TV to the next level with cable concealment. No more messy wires... ever.
Install a power outlet behind your TV for cable concealment

Add A Power Outlet

Add a standard power outlet on the wall behind your TV to neatly conceal your power cables. Outlets can power your TV, sound bar and any other cable boxes or streaming devices you may be using.
Install a recessed power outlet or power bridge for low profile TV installations by Modern TV & Audio

Recessed Power Outlet

When using a low profile or flush TV mount, it is necessary to add a recessed outlet in many cases. This allows enough room for the TV and any additional cable boxes or streaming devices to plug in easily.
Recessed AV boxes are perfect for Samsung Frame TVs installed by Modern TV & Audio

Recessed A/V Box With Outlet

When mounting a low profile, fixed TV, Samsung Frame or LG Gallery TV, it is necessary to add a recessed AV box to conceal the One-Connect box and any additional cable boxes or streaming devices. This allows all of your cables & devices to be neatly hidden behind the screen.
Install a power bridge to plug in your TV and hide your wires

Power Bridge System

A Power Bridge system may be used in areas where installing a standard outlet is simply not possible. Power bridges provide an outlet + in-wall cable pass through for audio/video cables and use an extension cord to provide power up to the TV.
In-wall cable concealment brush plates installed by Modern TV & Audio

In-Wall Pass Through System

Easily hide away those ugly HDMI and audio cables with an in-wall pass through system. We safely tuck all your extra cable inside the wall to leave a clean looking installation. ** Power cables can NOT be run through the wall due to violating electric code

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