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Modern TV & Audio, Mount a TV above your fireplace

Modern TV Mounting

Give your Arizona home or office a modern touch with a picture-perfect TV installation by Modern TV & Audio.

Whether it’s mounting a TV above your fireplace, or perfectly centering a flush-mounted TV on a freshly painted wall, we have the experience & the tools to make your next TV installation picture perfect every time!  Because of the challenges that are presented with fireplace installations, we always recommend calling a professional TV installer.

We were voted one of Arizona’s Top 10 Local TV Installation companies for 2021, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the very best A/V installation services that Phoenix has to offer.  We look forward to hearing from you, so  Contact Us for a Quote.

Modern Speaker Installation

For distributed whole home audio and surround sound systems

We are your in-ceiling speaker and in-wall speaker installation experts! Creating an environment that sounds and looks great is easy with in-ceiling and in-wall speakers installed throughout your home. However, we recommend consulting a professional before purchasing any equipment.

Architectural speakers come in both in-ceiling and in-wall types and make a perfect choice for both surround sound setups & distributed whole home audio. Because they blend into your home’s aesthetics, you can enjoy music without bulky and unsightly speakers throughout your home.  Contact us today for all of your Phoenix A/V Installation Services and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Speaker Installation by Modern TV & Audio
TV Mounting with Wire Concealment

Modern Cable Concealment

Get the most out of your TV installation with a power outlet & in-wall wire concealment

Messy wires are a thing of the past with our cable concealment options available with our TV installation services.  Our expert A/V Installation services include the following:

  • Add Power Outlet Behind TV
  • Install Pass-through Brush Plates for Cables
  • Move coax & network wall plates
  • We can Install Projector HDMI & Power Cables
  • In-Wall HDMI, Optical, Speaker, Coax and Ethernet
  • Recessed Outlet and A/V Boxes

Modern Surround Sound

Complete Installation & Setup

We make choosing and installing a surround sound system for your home simple!  With 15 years of experience in residential & pro audio, our experts will have the surround system of your dreams installed in no time!

Call us today to setup a free consultation & estimate for your home A/V Installation services.  We service the entire Phoenix metro area with TV mounting and surround sound installation services.

Surround Sound In-wall speakers by Modern TV & Audio

Choosing a Surround Sound System

There are several things to consider when choosing a surround sound system that's right for your home. Explore the common options and questions below.
What kind of system should I choose?

The most common in-home surround systems are 5.1 and 7.1/7.2 systems.  What do all these numbers mean?

5.1 Surround Sound

5.1 refers to *FIVE speakers placed around you (Front Left/Right, Front Center, Surround Left/Right) with the addition of *ONE subwoofer for low frequencies.  The 5 full range speakers can be a combination of in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers or tower / bookshelf speakers.  The subwoofer is typically self-powered and come in compact options to take up a small footprint in your home theater room.

7.1 Surround Sound

A 7.1 system simply adds two more surround speakers on your sides, giving you THREE speakers in front of you, TWO on either side and TWO behind you, combined with either ONE or TWO powered subwoofers in a 7.1 or 7.2 setup respectively.

Subwoofers provide dedicated low frequency amplification putting the “boom” in your room.

What if my home is pre-wired for surround?

Typical Pre-Wires

Many homebuilders are including pre-wiring for surround sound and additional audio with their new homes.  Typically, builders wire homes for a 5.1 configuration using in-ceiling speakers. If your home is pre-wired, you will see “blank” plates on your ceilings in the room that is wired along with wires coming out of a wall nearby.

In some cases, builders pre-wire TWO speakers on the outdoor patio that can be utilized with a multi-zone surround receiver.   This allows you to watch a movie in surround sound in one room, and stream music to another room in your house as a separate “zone.”

Can I Add More Speakers?

YES! We can easily add two more wires to your current home wiring to allow for a 7.1 system and additional subwoofer wiring to achieve a 7.2 system.  In most single story homes with attic access speakers can be added to just about any part of the home.

How much does surround sound cost?

Surround sound prices vary depending on a number of factors.  The most important if these is how large of system you are wanting to purchase.

Surround Sound Costs

A typical 5.1 Surround Sound System with gear & installation from scratch using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers is approximately $3695 with a bit of a discount if your home is already pre-wired.

A higher end 7.2 system installed from scratch can range from $4500 to $6500 depending on equipment that you choose.

What if I have all of my own equipment already?

Just installation of a surround sound setup ranges from $199 to $1400, depending on the type of speakers, wiring & other equipment that you are hooking up.

How Long Does a Surround Sound Installation Take?

Once your gear is ordered & has arrived, most surround sound installs take about ONE FULL day to complete when they involve cutting in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, wiring and setup/calibration.  We will need the following to complete your surround sound installation:

  • Attic Access
  • WiFi Network + Password
  • Access to structured wiring panel & breaker box
Surround Sound Installation by Modern TV & Audio, 480-405-0945

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