Samsung TV Mounting Options

When it comes to wall mounting your new Samsung Smart TV, Modern TV & Audio would be happy to help you out!  Depending on the look and function you are going for, there are a range of wall mount options and TV wall brackets available both in-store and online.  We’ve put this brief article together to help you choose the best option for your specific needs!  Whatever option you decide to go with, we would be happy to help you with all of your TV mounting, cable concealment & audio installation needs anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.

What Look Are You Going For?

There are 3 basic styles of wall brackets available for your new Samsung TV and a few different ceiling mount styles as well.  First, we’ll cover the wall brackets, then move on to the ceiling options if you don’t have a wall suitable for mounting your new TV.

Fixed Flat TV Mount

If you’re going for the “picture frame” look in your new home, the fixed flat mount is a great option.  These offer a low-profile design leaving minimal space between the wall & the TV.  These types of mounts are fantastic in your living room, dining room or common area where you have a great viewing angle and don’t necessarily need to swivel or tilt your TV.  When we install Fixed Flat mounts, we add either a recessed outlet box or AV pass through box so all of your cables can easily plug in with plenty of room for the TV to sit flat against the wall.  Fixed flat TV mounts are also great for commercial spaces where you would like to keep your new Samsung TV secure in a fixed position.

If your TV is going to be a bit higher on the wall, we can also install the fixed mount to the TV so it has a slight downward slant to reduce glare from lights & windows.  If you’re looking to install your new Samnsung with a fixed flat mount, we service Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Buckeye, Avondale, Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, El Mirage, Sun City & Sun City West.

Full Tilt TV Mount

Tilting TV mounts are a fantastic way to get the “flat” look when your new TV is in the upright position.  These mounts allow you to tilt your TV downward up to 15 degrees, reducing glare and giving you a more comfortable viewing angle.  Around the Phoenix metro area, we use Tilt Wall Mounts approx 50% of the time as they are easy to use with minimal moving parts and allow customers to still get behind the TV and have access to the HDMI & USB ports for their xbox, switch or Roku / Firestick products.

The tilting mounts also don’t require any special recessed outlets or AV boxes as the TV sits out from the wall enough to clear a typical flush outlet.  This is nice if you aleady have an outlet on the wall where your TV is going to be mounted.  Many homes around the Phoenix area, especially new builds, already have outlets and pass through plates installed from the builder – typically in the living rooms.  If your new Samsung TV is over 65″ inches, we would recommend a Tilt mount over a Flat mount as chances are you will get some serious sun glare from time to time.  If you have any questions or would like to get an estimate on installing your new Samsung TV, please call us or check out our Online TV Mounting Estimator.

Full Motion Swivel TV Mount

Take your new Samsung TV installation to the next level with a full motion swivel TV wall mount!  There are numerous full motion wall bracket options at numerous price points both online and in-store.  If you’ve explored any of these TV mounting options, you will see that they range from about $50 to over $300!  Many times, we get calls from our Phoenix customers asking which brand TV mount we would recommend for their home or office – and our suggestion is always this:

If you plan on moving the TV around and using the “full motion” TV mount features on a regular basis, the Sanus mounts in that $100-200 price range will work great for you.  If you only plan on swinging the TV out and moving it around occasionally, then of all places… Walmart actually has a really great swivel mount for TV’s up to 84″ (85″ will work as well) and it’s only $50 after tax.

If you are having any concerns whether or not the TV mount is strong enough for your new Samsung big screen, we encourage you to simply pick up the box.  You can tell pretty quickly which mounts are quality and which are inferior.

The major factors in the price fluxuation between swivel mounts are:

  1. Thickness of metal frame & brackets
  2. Quality of Lag Screws & Mounting Hardware
  3. Bushings & moving parts are of different quality

We are happy to provide Samsug TV Mounting Service in Phoenix & surrounding metro areas.  Please call or send us a message today to schedule your TV installation service.



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