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Add Value to Your Home with Installed Speakers

What if your could stream your favorite music or audio anywhere in your home, AND increase your homes overall value & appeal?  With the combination of installed in-ceiling speakers & today’s new streaming amps, you can enjoy your favorite radio stations, playlists and streaming content in every room of your home without the clutter & look of ugly stand alone speakers.  The best part is you can manage your home audio right from your mobile device!  A distributed audio system installed by Modern TV & Audio will fill your house with music – whatever you want, wherever you want!

Using Polk Audio Vanishing series in-ceiling speakers paired with the popular Sonos Amps, you can easilly control an unlimited number of zones, audio sources & group different rooms / areas of your home together to create an immersive audio experience like no other.  Enjoy your favorite music, sports or news in any room of your home, controlled from the palm of your hand.

In-Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers provide incredible sound quality in virtually any space without sticking out like a sore thumb.  We specialize in professional speaker installation & wiring throughout your home for the use of distributed audio.  There’s no visible wires and the speakers come with stark white, custom -paintable grilles that literally blend right into your ceilings.  We use low-profie in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that can be installed in as many rooms (or zones) that you would like to have.  There are both indoor and outdoor options available to acommodate any room or area in your house.

Everything in One Place

Get rid of the “gear clutter” on your counters and cupboards by centrally locating all of your audio gear in a nearby closet or garage.  Because both the Sonos Amp and Amazon EchoLink Amp are controlled via your internet connection, there is no need to have physical access to your gear in order to switch your inputs or control your volume – which can all be done via an app on your mobile.  Installing great euqipment that’s easy to use will increase your home’s value to perspective buyers!

Multi-zone Home Audio

Create individual “zones” or groups of speakers to play content simultaneously throughout your home.  Sonos brand products make setting up a whole house audio system a breeze with their mobile app.  By creating different zones, you can stream different audio to different parts of your house with just a few clicks and a swipe!  Increase your house value with distributed audio.

Cheaper by the Day

There are many excellent products on the market today that make streaming music throughout your home extremely simple and relatively inexpensive compared to say 5 or 10 years ago.  Now days, you can add 4 zones of audio to your home, complete with in-ceiling speakers in every room for between $1000-1500 per “zone”, depending on which brand of gear you choose.

Sonos has been the king of this realm for quite some time – but now even Amazon has it’s own version of a streaming amp that can deliver crisp, high-fidelity sound to up to 4 speakers – perfect for your common areas of the home like your kitchen or patio.  A professionally installed home audio system can increase your home’s value and appeal to perspective buyers.

Modern Look, Modern Sound

Today’s home owners and home buyers are looking for the “little things” that add extra value to their homes.  Many home purchases consider entertaining guests as one of the main factors when choosing a new house.  Modern TV & Audio can transform your new or existing home into an entertainment destination for your family and friends.  We can even incorporate a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system into your home in addition to a full distributed audio system.  Enjoy your favorite relaxing sounds, music, sports or news throughout your home seamlessly from room to room with a distributed audio system professionally installed by our expert staff.

Arizona Home Audio Installation

We all love our winter months here in Arizona!  With friends & family coming to town to visit, wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite programming hassle free right from your moblie phone?  We use only the highest quality wire, speakers and amplification to ensure your home audio system will give you years upon years of enjoyment.  Plus, when it’s time to sell your home, you have a real selling point that will surely make your home stand out among all the others.  Speakers on the patio, speakers in the kitchen, speakers in the bedrooms & common areas – all things today’s home buyers are looking for in their “modern home”

Call or message us today for a free estimate on your whole house distributed audio system!  We are happy to provide service across the entire Phoenix metro area.

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