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Choosing the Best TV Mount

When you begin your search for the perfect TV mounting bracket for your new flat screen, it can be overwhelming looking at the sheer number of options & prices available for purchase if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for.  From Best Buy and Walmart to Amazon, there are literally hundereds of different brands, styles… and prices!  We’re hope we can shed some light on this dilema and help you select a TV mount that fits your needs & budget (without getting ripped off)

There are a couple main factors to consider when selecting the proper wall mounting bracket for your new TV to ensure that your install is safe, functions properly, and of course looks great.


What is the size of your TV?  The size is “technically” more important than the weight because the position of the mounting holes on the back of your TV vary based on its size.  Almost ANY mount can take the weight which comes in far under it’s capacity – but the distance between the mounting screws make it impossible to use certain mounts with TVs that are either too big or too small.


What do you want your TV’s look and function to be?  Would you like it to sit flat against the wall with no gap or do you want to be able to pull it out to swivel?  If so, how far do you want it to pull out (or how far does it need to pull out?)  Or, perhaps there is NO wall to mount it on and you need a ceiling mount…

Here’s a basic description of the different types of TV mounts that are most common and available in most places.

Flat/Fixed TV Mount

The flat / fixed mounts are some of the cheapest TV mounting brackets available starting at under $20 – and also the most difficult to accomplish that “picture perfect” finish you’re looking for for a number of reasons.  With flat mounts, there needs to be proper in-wall concealment and recessed power outlet to acommodate the TV sitting flat against the wall.  With recessed AV boxes, you can even hide away your small DirecTV & Cox cable boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick and extra cables.  You will need to use a TV with side-port HDMI & video connections as TVs that have rear-facing ports to not sit flat against the wall when there’s cables plugged into the connections.

Here’s a fantastic low profile flat mount by Sanus with adjustable leveling screws for fine tuning after install as well as a great Flat tv mount by Echogear, who is know for their quality TV mounts & great prices.  Both great options for Flat mounts.

Flat – Tilt TV Mount

Flat TILT mounts are by far the most popular behind full motion swivel TV mounts.  These types of mounts allow you to tilt your TV screen down up to 15-degrees, reducing glare from your windows and giving you a better viewing angle.  50 out of 100 mounts that we install are flat-tilt mounts.  Not only are they safe & secure, they allow you better viewing that the fixed mount, especially in a room where the TV is mounted higher.  They also make it easier to conceal extra wires and small cable boxes & apple TVs behind them without adding recessed outlets & av boxes.

Full Motion Swivel TV Mounts

Full motion mounts come in a variety of styles.  For any TV larger than 50” inches, we strongly recommend using a wide mount that is able to be fastened to two studs in your wall.  For TVs under 50 inches, the single arm mounts that fasten to one stud are sufficiant.  Be sure to always use both hands when moving TVs around on swivel mounts and they will last you for a very long time.  For larger tvs, use two people to swivel your TV around.

Here’s some great options for Full motion swivel mounts.


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