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Give your home a modern makeover with a new TV, home theater or surround sound system professionally installed by the team at Modern TV & Audio!
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Modern Home Theater Installation

When it comes to your home theater and surround sound installation, you can trust our experience to deliver stunning results! We’ll leave your home looking & sounding amazing!

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Modern Surround Sound Installation

We have complete 5.1 & 7.1 surround packages available for your home installation.
Choose from in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, or a combination of bookshelf & tower speakers to create a one-of-a-kind surround setup in your home.
We run each system through a detailed room calibration process so you can have the best-sounding experience.
You can count on our experienced technicians for an install that not only sounds great, but looks amazing too!
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Modern Outdoor Audio/Video

Enjoy a full 8.1 landscape array sound system, complete with in-ground subwoofer and amplifier connected to your outdoor TV. From simply adding a pair of outdoor speakers on your patio to a full-on outdoor surround sound experience, we would be happy to help you!
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Rock & Landscape Speakers
  • Outdoor TV Installations
  • Amplifiers
  • SONOS & HEOS Systems
Nest Products

Modern Smart Home

Enjoy the convenience & safety of a smart home security system, complete with cameras, video doorbell and thermostat so you can keep an eye on your home while you're away. Call Modern TV & Audio for any of your Nest or Ring installation needs.
  • Nest Indoor Cameras
  • Nest Outdoor Cameras
  • Nest / Ring Video Doorbell
  • Nest Thermostats
  • Smart Plugs & Switches

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If you’re looking for superb quality and unreal customer service at a great price, this is the company for you!

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“Excellent work”

Legit doesn’t even begin to describe these guys. Great business, great service, thank you!

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“Highly recommend”

Wow! What a great experience! Nate did an excellent job and I couldn’t be happier! So nice to have someone to come in and do a perfect job!!!

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“Super Clean”

Their install was super clean and their audio suggestions were spot on. Our home theater system is beyond perfect. Thank You!

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Modern A/V Installation

TV Wall Mount Installation

Looking for a great company to install your new TV?  Modern TV & Audio provides same and next day TV installation services across Arizona with technicians in Chandler, Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Tucson and Pinetop-Lakeside.

Fireplace & Patio TV’s

We specialize in the difficult installations which include patio TVs mounting onto stucco, brick and stone walls fireplace installs.  In addition to TV installations, we offer a full range of home theater and surround sound services as well.

Choose from a variety of mounting brackets to accommodate almost every size and brand of TV.  If you already have your own bracket, that’s great!  Please be sure to have all of the parts and mounting hardware available at your installation if it was previously used.

TV Mounting Brackets

We carry a range of TV wall brackets to accommodate just about any need.  From low-profile flush mounts, flat tilt mounts, full motion articulation TV mounts, ceiling mounts, corner mounts – we have the hardware & skills to install just about any size or brand TV to any surface.

Mounting your TV above your fireplace?

The most common types of mounts for fireplaces are the Full Tilt mounts and Full Motion mounts.  These allow for more precise leveling adjustments on uneven surfaces like stone, brick and slump block.

Mounting a TV on your Patio?

The most common used mounts for outdoor installation are the standard Full Motion mount and the Long Arm Full Motion mount.  These allow for easy movement from side to side so the TV can be viewed from almost any location.  We always recommend a good outdoor weather-proof cover to keep the dust, water and other elements out of your TV.

Mounting a Big Screen TV?

We generally recommend either a Large Tilt Mount or Large Full Motion Mount for big screen TVs.  Our larger mounts can accommodate up to a 90″ TV and hold up to 230LBS.  This means that it’s safe to add a soundbar and get years of safe use out of your mount installation.

Want to Ceiling Mount your TV?

Ceiling TV mounting brackets are also popular in outdoor patio installations as well as commercial applications where you would like to accomplish a broad viewing angle while keeping the screen out of reach.  Ceiling mounts generally have a 2-4′-foot extension pole, but can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate your TV installation needs.

Want to Mount a TV over a 90’s style cutout or nook?

We highly recommend the Long Arm Full Motion mount for these types of TV installations.  With a 42″ extendable arm, your mounting bracket can be safely attached to studs in your wall in the back of your cutout while the TV has a “floating” appearance in front of your nook.  This also allows for several inches on each side for access to power & HDMI connections for future use or service.

Surround Sound Systems

Is your home prewired for surround sound?

Many new homes come prewired for surround sound straight from the builder.  If you’re unsure if your home is prewired, you will want to look at the ceiling in your main family room and perhaps the patio or other rooms of your home.  If you see a number of blank white plates on your ceilings – those are actually pre-determined speaker locations.  Those speaker wires all typically are hidden in the wall or slightly poking out of the wall near your family room TV location or a dedicated gear closet and can be used for your surround sound and/or whole home audio setup.

Basic 5.1 Surround Package

The most common surround installation is a 5.1 with in-ceiling speakers.  We are a big fan of Klipsch in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.  The Klipsch Premier Reference in-ceiling speakers produce incredible sound quality, bringing the movie theater right into your home.  Our basic 5.1 package includes (5) Klipsch Premier Reference in-ceiling speakers, (1) 400-watt Premier Reference Subwoofer and the incredible Denon AVRX-1600h surround sound receiver.

Basic 7.1 Surround Package

We can easily add two extra surround speakers to your prewired home to make it a 7.1 or 7.2 surround system.  This type of surround system has the standard front Left, Center & Right channels, two side surround channels and two rear surround channels – giving you a total of (7) seven in-ceiling speakers around the listening position.  Again, we prefer the Klipsch Premier Reference in-ceiling speakers as the main channels with either one or two Klipsch Premier Reference subwoofers and a Denon AVRX-2700h surround receiver.

Premium Surround Sound Packages

We would love to put together a custom premium sound system for your home or dedicated theater room.  We have access a variety of premium surround sound and home theater equipment by Marantz, Triad, Klipsch THX, B&W, Martin Logan & Sonance.

SONOS 5.1 Surround Sound

Did you know that you can add in-ceiling speakers and a subwoofer to your Sonos Soundbar to accomplish true 5.1 surround sound?  We use a combination of a Sonos Streaming Amplifier, Klipsch Premier Reference in-ceiling speakers and premium speaker wire to get your Sonos surround setup running in no time.

Home Theater Setup

Projectors & Screens

No home theater setup is complete without a new 4K projector and screen combination!  Whether you have recently purchased your own equipment, or you would like to get an estimate that includes a new projector and screen combo, we would be happy to help.

All of our projector installations include a power outlet and any necessary HDMI / Ethernet runs that you may need.  Once your projector is safely installed or mounted to your ceiling, our team of professionals will calibrate your projector and display settings to your new screen for the best video experience.

Whether you’re looking to add a projector to your living room or a dedicated theater room, we have the experience to make sure your home theater installation is a success.

Surround Installation

Complete your home theater setup with a brand new surround sound system installed by Modern TV & Audio.  We will custom design a setup that fits into your home’s aesthetics and more importantly, your budget.  Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation on your new home theater setup.

Universal Remotes & Automation

We offer universal remote systems by URC and Control4 that make controlling your home theater as easy as saying “theater on”.  Enjoy the convenience of one remote to control everything in your room – from your lights to the volume!

Home Audio Installation

Whole House Audio

Enjoy music in every room of your home with a whole house audio system installed by Modern!  We have a number of choices to accommodate your specific needs and budget that include beautifully installed in-ceiling or in-wall speakers and mobile streaming capabilities and control from the palm of your hand.  Our systems allow you to enjoy a full surround sound movie in one room, while listening to up to 4 different sources in different rooms throughout your home simultaneously.

Sound Bar & Smart Speaker Installation

Did you know that we can attach your new soundbar directly to the bottom of your wall-mounted TV with a special mounting bracket?  Enjoy the seamless appearance and sound quality of a TV-mounted soundbar by Modern TV & Audio.

We can also install the soundbar directly to the wall beneath the TV location.  This provides a modern-looking installation with all of the power and audio cables neatly concealed within your wall.  Soundbar mounting & installation services start at just $139.

Outdoor Audio

One of the most common places to add audio is under your outdoor patio.  Many patios come pre-wired for audio and typically have fairly easy attic access if it’s not currently pre-wired.  We have a variety of in-ceiling and surface mounted speakers that allow you to seamlessly bring the entertainment from inside to outside.  Our outdoor audio setups offer mobile control for easy use – using either SONOS or HEOS.

Landscape Speakers & Backyard Array Systems

Whether you’re wanting to put music around the pool or the grill area, we have an outdoor array system for you!  Today’s best landscaping speakers offer chic looking satellite speakers accompanied by in-ground subwoofers, bringing your backyard to life.  Easily control our systems from the palm of your hand and enjoy your favorite music, podcast or streaming content anywhere on your property.

Smart Home Installation

Nest Outdoor Camera Installation

Are you thinking of adding some Nest outdoor cameras to your property?  We would love to help you out!  Nest outdoor cameras require a hard-wired outlet in the attic or near the install location(s), but easilly connect with your Google Home app to make home security a breeze.  Our outdoor Nest camera installations start at $199/pc and include mounting, installation & setup on your device.

Nest Indoor Camera Installation

Indoor cameras can be set on cabinets or mounted directly to your wall or ceiling with their magnetic bases.  They also require a power outlet similar to the outdoor cameras which can easily be added from a nearby power source and start at $179/pc for installation.

Nest Thermostat Installation

Nest thermostats make controlling your home’s climate easier than ever.  Enjoy the convenience of having your thermostat settings in the palm of your hand with the Google Home app.  Nest thermostat installation starts at $149.

Nest & Ring Video Doorbell Installation

Video doorbells have become one of the most popular smart home items in the last few years.  We offer Nest & Ring video camera installation services for your convenience starting at $149.

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